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SEN REAL was incorporated in 2015 with its main business field in real estate. The company’s shareholders and Board of director are those who have been experiencing in the Real Estate industry for more than 15 years. The company has just been incorporated, though with its orientation, strengths and enthusiasm, SEN REAL aspires to become one of the leading real estate companies in Vietnam in the coming future.

SEN HEALTHCARE Joint Stock Company, a member of SENGROUP - the leading real estate investment and distribution cooperation unit in Vietnam. SEN HEALTHCARE and many leading units in the industry originating from the desire to bring high-end health care products to Vietnamese people, constantly research the formulas to optimize nutritional content in each product line, combined with the highest standard production process, to bring the products of outstanding quality, effective and safe for long-term use for users.


SENGROUP also affirms besides investing in Real Estate development, its capacity for construction with its investment in modern facilities and equipment, suitable for many types of projects.

SENGROUP cooperates with foreign professional corporations to operate and manage the tourism industry and health care chains, opening a new specialized direction, meeting the needs of busy travelers with modern life, required a clean space, harmony with nature and completely relaxing treatments to regenerate their energy and spirit.

Mining is a key field in SENGROUP’s near future development plan. SENGGROUP promises with the investment in human resources, capital and modern technological machinery and equipment systems from raw material exploitation to processing and metallurgy, to create products that meet the export standards to international markets, bringing the maximum added value to the national natural resources.

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